Avaya VoIP phones and call forwarding

I am a VoIP newbie. So everyday I learn something new. Recently, a few or our employees asked how to increase the number of rings when forwarding their calls to cell phones. As it was setup originally, the call rings once at the desk phone, then forward to the cell phone where it rings twice, and if not answered goes directly to voice mail. I thought this might be a settings that could be changed at the phone phone level. However, this is not the case. You have to make the change in the Avaya Site Administration console.

Log in to your Avaya Site Administration console

Under the Advanced options, select Start Emulation

At the Command prompt, enter – change system coverage

The second line labeled ‘Off-Net Cvg Subsequent Redirection…’ is where you make the change 

Increase the number of rings 

Click Enter at the top to save your changes

You’re ready to test call forwarding and verify that the number of rings has increased.